Nondiscrimination Commitment

Last updated : February 28, 2022

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This Document is will be effective from Tuesday 1st March 2022

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The PT Mandiri Tunggal Sejahtera Berkarya/ MTS Group Holding, LLC. (“Company“,”We“, “Us”, “Our“) announce Nondiscrimination Statement as Company’s mission is to create economic opportunities so people have better lives. Key to Our mission is that these opportunities should be equally available to all qualified talent in Our community, regardless of background, nationality, race, ethnicity, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, actual or perceived disability status, veteran status, marital status, or other similarly protected characteristics. Company’s goal is for members of Our community to feel welcome on the Platform. A condition of using the Platform is your agreement not to engage in any unlawful discrimination or harassing conduct. Such conduct is not permitted on Company by any member of Our community.

We also notice the UK Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement for prior notice on different policy. The UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 requires that any commercial organization in any sector that supplies goods or services, carries on a business or part of a business in the United Kingdom, in this case who involve the MTS Group Holding, LLC. and its subsidiaries

Company does not require Users to violate local laws or take actions that may subject them to legal liability. Company will take actions to enforce this nondiscrimination policy. If you feel that you have been discriminated against, please let Our manager or Human Resources Department know as soon as possible. Every complaint will be appropriately investigated. Users engaging in this activity are subject to Account closure. Please bring any reports of discrimination or harassment to our attention at .

Right to Work in Professional Environment

Every employee has the right to work in a professional environment where their knowledge, skills, and abilities are the critical factors in their success. Company expects all employees to maintain standards of propriety, promote equal opportunity, treat everyone professionally, and act without bias in this nondiscrimination policy.

Zero tolerance for harassment

Company has a zero-tolerance policy for sexual harassment or discrimination, racial harassment or discrimination, or any other form of harassment and discrimination (religious, language, sexual orientation, et cetera). If you feel that you have been harassed or that an employee has discriminated against you.

Sexual harassment includes unwanted sexual or romantic overtures, inappropriate sexual jokes, or comments regarding sexual activities. Employees should never access pornography on company-owned equipment, even off company property. Using your personal device to access pornography while working or in the company of other employees is also forbidden.

Romantic relationships between staffs and anyone in their reporting line are strictly prohibited

Racial, national origin, ethnic, or language discrimination can consist of jokes, negative comments, or forbidding employees from speaking the language of their choice while on non-official business. The official language of the company is Bahasa Indonesia, and we will provide all formal documents in this language. Employees are free to speak their preferred language during breaks, at lunch, or when speaking with people who also speak their preferred language. However, official meetings will be conducted in [language], and all documentation will be in this language.

If you are not comfortable reporting harassment in Bahasa Indonesia, you may report it in your preferred language, and Company will translate your report.

Company will make every reasonable effort to train and inform all employees regarding these policies. Each employee will certify yearly that they have read with and agree to uphold company all company policies, including those regarding harassment and discrimination.

Disability discrimination

Company believes everyone has the right to work. An employee with a disability who can perform the core functions of the jobs, with or without reasonable accommodation, is entitled to the same protection and respect as other employees.


Company prohibits retaliation against any person who files a complaint against harassment or discrimination. We encourage employees to come forward and participate in investigations. Company will make all reasonable efforts to keep investigations confidential, and to protect people who make complaints.

If an employee retaliates against another employee for reporting harassment or discrimination, that employee will face serious consequences up to and including termination.

Reporting procedure

Any users on PopIt Snack Platform including the employee of the Company who feels they have been harassed, discriminated against, or otherwise treated negatively because of their race, religion, gender, or other characteristics, should report the harassment to one of the following people:

  1. All Users on PopIt Snack Platform community.
  2. Any human resources employee.
  3. The direct staffs/managers/supervisors/directors.
  4. Anyone in their supervisory line (manager, director, et cetera).
  5. Employees will not be disciplined in any manner for failing to report something that occurred to them. Nor will the company retaliate for any good faith report. A good faith report means that the employee believes that something inappropriate happened, even if the investigation determines no inappropriate behavior occurred.

Company will then conduct an investigation. This may take a considerable amount of time, depending on the situation. Company expects all employees to participate in the investigation and keep things confidential as allowed by law. At the end of the nondiscrimination investigation, the investigating party (usually a Human Resources staff member, but occasionally someone else, or even an outside investigator) will issue a report and a recommendation. The employee who reported the incident will be informed that the investigation is finished.

Any users accused of inappropriate behavior will be treated with banned. Any employee accused of inappropriate behavior will be treated with respect. If the accusation is serious and credible, the employee may be suspended, with or without pay, during the duration of the investigation. The accused employee will be told the outcome of the investigation. If the investigation reveals that the employee was at fault, the accused employee may be subject to discipline. This can include anything from a verbal reprimand to termination, depending on the situation and the severity of the issue.

If an employee makes a bad faith complaint, that will be considered harassment. A bad faith complaint is one where the complainant knowingly lies or misrepresents the situation to accuse a coworker, damage someone’s reputation, or to get personal gain.

Either party is allowed to appeal this Nondiscrimination decision. You can appeal the decision by filing a written report with the head of Human Resources or head of Legal Department.