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PopIt Snack’s Application Changelog

Bahasa Indonesia Version


This update package is cumulative and includes various bug fixes and new features.  Please read the release notes for all releases between your version and the version you want to update to.

Many thanks to all contributors for your pull requests we could merge in this version!

App version : 1.8.0

Type of release : Major

Status : Stable Release – Night on PopIt Data Center

Release date/time : 285.01.2022 – 12:12

Repository : Google, Amazon, Samsung, Huawei, Github

Security Test : ImmuniWeb® AI Platform

Security Changelogs :

  • To implement and accomply PCI DSS, HIPPA, NIST, and OWAPS we only open TLS 1.3 and TLS 1.2 transport only.
  • Supported Encrypted Communication Strong Cipher with
    • Accepted TLSv1.3 256 bits TLS_AES_256_GCM_SHA384
    • Accepted TLSv1.3 256 bits TLS_CHACHA20_POLY1305_SHA256
    • Accepted TLSv1.2 256 bits DHE-RSA-AES256-GCM-SHA384
    • Accepted TLSv1.2 256 bits ECDHE-RSA-CHACHA20-POLY1305
    • Accepted TLSv1.2 256 bits DHE-RSA-CHACHA20-POLY1305
    • Accepted TLSv1.2 128 bits ECDHE-RSA-AES128-GCM-SHA256
    • Accepted TLSv1.2 128 bits DHE-RSA-AES128-GCM-SHA256
  • Minimal Handshake on Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat, refference guide Android Studio SDK Release Notes.
  • Require Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) must stapling
  • Require Strict Transport Security (HSTS)
  • Secure Renegotiation is supported
  • Downgrade attack prevention is supported, refference guide TLS Fallback Signaling Cipher Suite Value (SCSV).
  • Updates to may automatically add additional capabilities within each group. Learn more.


The best way to predict the future is to to create it. – Black Thursday

This application belong to PT. Mandiri Tunggal Sejahtera Berkarya and published to application distribution channel.

Feature Changelogs:

  • Pre-load support
  • Major Update
  • POP CloudKitchen Ecosystems
  • GOPOP for Driver
  • NFT and Brand Collaboration
  • Partner Collaboration
  • New Platform Engine
  • Opening port gateway for decentralized web 3.0 via Tor and Union

Special Credit:

  • Alibabacloud
  • RumahWeb – Black Thursday
  • Scott Helme

Thanks for using PopIt Snack application! We’ve fixed some bugs and enhanced the performance of the app. If you’ve enjoyed shopping with PopIt Snack Platform, please leave us a review. Thanks!

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