PopIt Snack® Commitment To Prioritise Customer Safety Regarding COVID-19

Fears have increased over the impact of the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak in the food and beverage sector, both domestically and internationally.

The Indonesian Healthy Life Society Movement (GERMAS) is a national movement initiated by the President of the Republic of Indonesia that puts forward promotive and preventive efforts, without overruling curative-rehabilitative efforts by involving all components of the nation in promoting a healthy paradigm. To succeed GERMAS, we cannot rely solely on the role of the health sector. The role of PopIt Snack® as food producer in making food safety commitments in accordance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia in the protection of Corona Virus Extraordinary Events in Indonesia is one of the real cross-sectoral supports for the success of GERMAS, which is a basic infrastructure that supports Clean and Healthy Behavior (PHBS) from the Indonesian Food and Drug Administration in terms of food safety and HACCP.

PopIt Snack® Popcorn; Original Eight Series

Inspired by the amazing savoury and delicious flavours that are the original flavours of our refined products, our Original Eight Series is a basic variant of PopIt Snack® Popcorn. We currently introduce these PopIt Snack® Popcorn variants; Original Eight Series are present for you.

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PopIt Snack® Premium Popcorn; Kuliner Nusantara

Inspired by an expatriates who want to know Indonesia through popcorn. It was been expected that presenting a variety of culinary flavours of the Indonesian Best Dishes it can be introduce Indonesia from snacks’s flavours that can be received by the world community.

Introduce Indonesian Taste and Spices To Worldwide..

Corporate Commitment

Starting with local, we combine original flavours with high quality components into the kitchen, knowing where the ingredients come from. We use the highest quality corn kernels based on the availability of the farmers. We are committed to support Indonesian corn farmers. Through our PopIt Cares® program it is expected to have a big impact and start the happiness for farmers.

Starting from Seed

Sweet corn or special varieties for Popcorn in Indonesia. All our seeds are non-GMO and mostly certified organic. So why we must import the raw materials?

Collaborate with Farmers

They plant seeds with attention, affection, and love for you, customers. Its our mission is to help corn farm communities in Indonesia to optimize their resources and maximize their returns and profits by working with them.

Handled With Care

The way we cook to distributing snacks, there are love in them. PopIt Agent® will share love and happiness, Let’s start getting love and profit to achieve.

Ended with Love

You will share the snacks with your beloved friends. Friendship is one of the greatest joys of people whose conviction tends to be a projection of your own feelings rather than an accurate assessment of how that person feels. It may be difficult to realize, but close friends love you and want to give you a positive vibe.

Over the life, how much have you done to share happiness with others?

By purchasing this product you are contributing to PopIt Cares® mission to support the life of corn farmers in Indonesia.

A joy that’s shared is a joy made double..