Purchase Policy


The following are the terms and conditions of purchase ( hereinafter referred to as the “Purchase Policy” and/or “Terms of Purchase” ) that apply to products purchased and/or through the PopIt Snack website and application including other marketplace accounts that We operate, (hereinafter referred to as “We”, “Our”, “Us”, “Company“, and/or “PopIt Snack“). When We say “You” and/or “Your“, We mean PopIt Snack website and application’s user, which includes buying products and services (hereinafter referred to as “Online Shopping).

By agreeing to this policy, You also agree to the terms, namely all forms of legally binding contracts between the Company and You. You should read the Purchase Policy, Payment Policy, Shipping Policy and Return Policy carefully before purchasing any product from Online Shopping.

In addition, the Terms of Purchase consist of the following sections:

Section 1 — Information about Online Shopping Services and products.

Section 2 — Product Purchase

Section 3 — Order cancellation and product returns

Section 4 — General terms relating to agreements

We reserve the right to change these Terms of Purchase and/or Returns Policy at any time. Any changes to the Terms of Purchase or Returns Policy will apply to all new orders after the changes are published on the PopIt Snack website and app. You should check and read the entire Purchase PolicyPayment PolicyShipping Policy, and Return Policy listed on the PopIt Snack website and app before placing an order — which may change without notice. Information on changes related to changes to policies published and determined is listed on each page at the end.

If You have questions about the Purchase PolicyPayment Policy, Shipping Policy, and Return Policy as well as other policies regarding products, data recording, security, to the Online Shopping mechanism, please contact Us on Our e-mail at customer@popitsnack.com.



2.1. The Terms of Use apply when You use the PopIt Snack site and app. By using these services on the PopIt Snack site and application (whether You decide to buy the product or not), You also agree to be bound by the Terms of Use / Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP) and Terms of Services (TOS). If theres has any difference between the Terms of Purchase and the Terms of Use, then the Terms of Purchase shall be used.

2.2. We try to ensure that all information on the PopIt Snack website and application including on other marketplace accounts that We operate, all descriptions of product descriptions and prices listed are correct. However, sometimes errors may occur due to technical and non-technical problems. Therefore, We will try to correct any misinformation on the PopIt Snack website and app as soon as possible and if We feel that the error has affected Your order, We will notify You immediately.

2.3 Please note that when shopping for products online, You should be aware that:

2.3.1 The color of the products displayed on the PopIt Snack website and app will depend on many factors — including Your display settings;

2.3.2 The size and shape of the product may differ from the actual product depending on how the product is displayed on Your screen. We provide sizes and measurements in each product description and it is Your responsibility to check the correct size of each product You require.

2.3.3 The images on the PopIt Snack website and application are for illustration purposes only. For a more accurate description of the product and the details included with the product, you should read the relevant written description;

2.3.4 All products are subject to availability and We may not be able to supply Your order. We reserve the right to withdraw any defective product sold at any time, and Our obligation to you when recalling a defective product is only to refund the fees You have paid in connection with the unavailability of the product.

2.3.5 We will do Our best to deliver Your ordered products according to the delivery estimates provided online or as advised by the Online Shopping Department, however estimates and delivery dates may vary. please read Section 10 below for more information on delivery;

2.3.6 Not all products and promotions offered by Online Shopping are available in PopIt Snack stores including on other marketplace accounts that We operate, and vice versa. In principle, the prices of products sold online are in accordance with the prices of products in the PopIt Snack offline catalog and store. Sometimes You will find a price difference. This can happen both in terms of in-store promotions and online promotions.

2.4 We will check for viruses, mallware, trojans, and other things that are defined as cybercrimes, which may be present on the PopIt Snack site and application but We cannot guarantee that the PopIt Snack site and application is free from viruses or other harmful content. For Your own safety, You should ensure that You have the right software and systems to check for viruses and other malicious content on the internet.


3.1 We reserve the right to change or discontinue Online Shopping and the sale of some or all of any product either temporarily or permanently and with or without notice. We are not responsible for the change, suspension or discontinuation of the availability of Online Shopping.


4.1. You are responsible for ensuring that Your login details, password and all other details related to Your account are kept confidential at all times. You agree to notify Us as soon as possible if You know or suspect that the security of Your Online Shopping account is at risk.


5.1 You can only make payments for Online Shopping if You are 16 years old or older. Although We sell products for the children’s category, sales of these products are still intended for adults only. You are also required to have an active email address and a telephone number where You can be contacted.

5.2 We may sell products containing tobacco. In accordance with government advice, it is prohibited for traders to sell cigarettes to children under the age of 18. This is stated in Government Regulation No. 109 of 2012 concerning the security of materials containing addictive substances in the form of tobacco products. So age verification is required to restrict access to people aged 18+.



6.1 Please see the Online Shopping section for information or other guidelines regarding the steps for ordering products. The product You ordered shows that You are interested in buying products from Us. Where if You order more than one product, then Your order will consist of a series of products that you are interested in buying.

6.2 The Order Confirmation page and email specify the final details of Your order in Online Shopping.

6.3 Meta Order Confirmation page for special products with payment using a web3 based digital wallet (blockchain-linked cryptocurrency wallet) which is for managing, receiving and transferring a number of payment tokens in Online Shopping.

6.3 The Order Confirmation page and email consist of the details of the product You have ordered and the overall price of the product order. If You have agreed to pay for the product and delivery costs, the total cost will appear on the page.

6.4 Please note that an Order Confirmation is simply an acknowledgment that Your order has been accepted by Online Shopping; this does not indicate that We have received Your order and are not bound by a contract.


7.1 Except as provided in Section 7.2 below, Your order will be accepted only when We ship the product to You. There is no binding contract before we ship the product to You.

7.2 In the case of made-to-order products, orders will be accepted only if We have received advance payment. Please note that different cancellation rights apply to made-to-order products, please see Our Returns Policy.

7.3 While We hope to ship all of Your ordered products, PopIt Snack reserves the right, at its sole discretion on the PopIt Snack website and app and without giving reasons for not accepting any orders prior to receipt of the order. If We refuse Your order, We will inform You as soon as possible.


8.1 You can pay for product orders using the payment method listed on the Payment Method and Delivery Method page or listed on the Payment Confirmation page when You make a transaction.

8.2 Basically, We will ask for the withdrawal of payment fees for the transactions You make when You place an order through Online Shopping.

8.3 Acceptance of a payment fee does not mean that We have received Your order, so it is recommended that You make payment after You receive an order confirmation email from Us and if We decide not to accept Your order, then We will refund the full payment fee as soon as possible (and within 30 working days you will receive a notification from Us that Your order has not been received). In connection with this article You agree that We have the right not to accept and cancel Your order in the event that there is, but is not limited to, indications of misuse of the payment instrument used by You or indications of other actions taken by You which according to the laws of the Republic of Indonesia stated as a violation. Any cancellation due to reasons as referred to in this Article, We will refund the full payment immediately after the cancellation is made (and within 30 working days You will receive a notification from Us that Your order has not been accepted). You agree to accept the cancellation and hold Us harmless from any claims or damages of any kind as a result of the cancellation.

8.4 Unless otherwise stated, all prices shown in Online Shopping are inclusive of VAT.

8.5 Unless otherwise stated including another period, the price to be paid for the product You ordered is the price determined by Online Shopping at the time You paid for Your transaction.

8.6 Basically the burden of the delivery fee that You will pay for Online Shopping is the fee determined online or by Online Shopping when You confirm the order and We receive the payment. Shipping costs are calculated based on the weight, size and quantity of the product You order and the destination address for delivery. However, You agree that We may add a delivery fee if Your order requires multiple delivery processes, or if the value of the order or the quantity or size of the product shipped requires an additional fee in total or in part if We believe it is necessary for the delivery of the product. We will always send a notification if there is a change in delivery costs,

8.7 To process Your order, We ensure that the personal and financial information You provide is accurate, for that We use a payment system using a trusted third party (the party that stores Your data during the payment process) to ensure that Your payment is secure and that Your details Your personal and financial information is not being used for fraud.


9.1 While We try to ensure that all prices on the PopIt Snack website and app are correct, errors may occur. If We discover an error in the price of a product You have ordered, We will notify You as soon as possible. You will be given the option to reconfirm Your order or cancel it.

9.2 If We are unable to contact You using the contact details You have provided during the booking process, We will assume that the booking was canceled and notify you via email.

9.3 If You decide to cancel an order after We notify You that there was an error in pricing and You have already made payment for Your ordered product, We will refund the full fee You paid as soon as possible (and within thirty (30) working calendar days from the date of cancellation.).


10.1 Products will be delivered as stated in the Order Confirmation page and email confirmation. Shipping costs depend entirely on the type of product You order and the address to which the product is delivered and delivery costs or other costs incurred are fully borne by you.

10.2 You agree that You may receive the product on the date of arrival of Your ordered product. If You are not available when the product will be delivered, please make a new delivery request as soon as possible by contacting Our email at customer@popitsnack.com and not later than 48 hours before the product delivery date. Additional delivery fees will apply if no one accepts the arrival of the ordered product. See Condition 10.3.3.

10.3 Delivery will be made to the shipping address You provided during the shipping process, and will be subject to the following conditions;

10.3.1 Although We allow You to specify a shipping address that is different from Your billing address, it is Your responsibility to ensure that We can deliver the product to Your desired address and that You are willing to receive product delivery at Your desired address on the delivery date or period. delivery according to the estimates of the logistics partner You choose;

10.3.2 please double-check the product size of Your order to ensure that there is sufficient space for the product size at Your desired delivery address;

10.3.3 If delivery is not possible due to location circumstances, inadequate access or for any reason not within Our control ( including Your absence from location at the time of delivery ), You agree to pay additional storage and re-delivery fees, as well as fees administration to rearrange product delivery. We will inform You of the additional costs as soon as possible, and You have the right to choose to reconfirm Your order including the additional fees, or cancel it. If You cancel the order, We will refund the price of the product, but You agree that We have the right to collect the initial delivery fee charged for the time and costs incurred as a result of the delivery failure;

10.3.4 When the product is delivered, You must sign the delivery sheet to confirm that the delivery of the ordered product has been made. Signing this delivery sheet will not affect Your rights under the law when You report that there is a defect in the ordered goods to Us. If You refuse to sign the delivery sheet, You will be considered as refusing to have the ordered product delivered to Your desired location.

10.3.5 The company’s shipping agent or shipping partner is not allowed to unpack or assemble the product as part of the delivery service;

10.3.6 Once the product has been delivered to Your desired location, you become the legal owner of the product and it is Your responsibility. This means that You are responsible for any damage or loss of the product; and

10.3.7 If You are unable to accept the Your order when the product is delivered, you may appoint a representative on Your behalf. The representative must be a responsible adult and receive the product when it is delivered on Your behalf, and You agree that We have the right to follow Your representative’s instructions as if Your representative were You.

10.4 When Our partner delivery company will deliver Your ordered product, We will try to deliver the product to the location You choose at the delivery address in an easy, practical and safe way, and subject to the following conditions:

10.4.1 You agree to provide as much and as complete detail as possible about the Delivery Address to assist the product delivery process. For example, is there limited access or parking for Our delivery vehicles, on which floor the product will be delivered, and whether there are narrow doors or spiral staircases. This information must be provided when We calculate the cost of delivery to You, otherwise We reserve the right to charge an additional delivery fee.

10.4.2 It is essential to check that all stairs and lifts provide easy access;

10.4.3 If a representative from a partner company considers that delivery to the room You have selected is likely to result in damage to Your product or property, they will inform and record it on a product delivery sheet which will be signed by You or Your representative as a form of agreement that You have knowledge of the information the. You can ask Our representatives to still deliver the product but We are not responsible for any damage caused to the property or product as a consequence of Your request (provided that a reasonable reason is taken in delivering the product); and

10.4.4 When the product is delivered, You are required to check the condition of the package and the number of the package being delivered. If there is any damage or missing or faulty product, You must record it in the product delivery sheet. Lost products will be re-ordered and damaged/wrong products will be returned and, under these delivery conditions, product replacement and delivery will not be charged. You must inform Us of any damage, loss and/or product error within a reasonable and appropriate period after You have had the opportunity to inspect the product.


10.5 For the product delivery process, We work with third parties that We trust, namely expedition and logistics partners listed on the PopIt Snack website and application, namely on the Shipping Method page.



11.1 PT MANDIRI TUNGGAL SEJAHTERA BERKARYA is a company established in Indonesia which is the provider of electronic systems for PopIt Snack sites and applications that are legally registered in accordance with the laws and regulations in force in Indonesia.

11.2 If You would like more information about PopIt Snack, please contact: email customer@popitsnack.com.


12.1 Our obligation under the Terms of Purchase and Returns Policy is not to exceed the price paid for the product You purchased through Online Shopping as long as We keep the product You ordered until the time the product is delivered to the location You choose.

12.2 We will not be liable for any loss of income, profits, savings, good services or business opportunities, for any damaged reputation or for any improper loss by either party at the time Your order is received.

12.3 We are not responsible for any losses that You or third parties suffer in the event that such losses are caused by coercive circumstances, Your error, negligence, misuse of the account by the account owner or other parties, uploaders who intentionally enter, incorrect information and/or violate the law .

12.4 When You purchase as a customer, all Purchase PoliciesPayment PoliciesShipping Policies, and Returns Policies as well as other policies affect and bind Your rights under law that cannot be denied under any circumstances, including changes to information without notice.


13.1 Further details regarding warranty rights will be provided in the product description on the PopIt Snack website and app and included with the product upon delivery.

13.2 There may be no warranty available for certain products.

13.3 Products covered by warranty will be described in full in each product description on the PopIt Snack website and app and included with the product when it is delivered.


14.1 We will not be liable for any delay or failure to comply with the Terms of Purchase or the Returns Policy if such delay or failure is caused by any event beyond Our control. Some of these events are (but are not limited to) fire, flood, earthquake, hurricane, natural disaster, war, riot, act of terrorism or malicious damage or destruction of Our premises, equipment or products. These events include disasters, pandemics, and extraordinary events determined by the parties and authorities in charge of a territory, region, or country.

14.2 Statements of parties and authorities declaring the closure of an area for a certain reason.


15.1 If You violate the Terms of Purchase or the Returns Policy but We do not take action, then We still reserve the right to exercise Our rights and remedy at other times and conditions when you violate the Terms of Purchase or Returns Policy .


16.1 If there is one or more provisions in the Terms of Purchase that have been determined to be invalid by the competent authorities or the prevailing laws and regulations in Indonesia, then the other provisions are still considered valid and You remain bound by those provisions.


17.1 All personal information, such as the contact number that You provide to Us during the ordering process, will be stored and used in accordance with the Privacy Policy which You can see on the PopIt Snack website and application.


Transactions can only be made if You are an adult and capable of taking legal action. If there are transactions made by You that do not meet these qualifications, then You have ensured and guaranteed that the transactions You have made have been supervised and approved by Your parents or guardians. We are released from responsibility for the occurrence of transactions, losses suffered by You and/or third parties due to transactions and/or the use of accounts created based on incorrect data and information.

18.1 Information about PopIt Snack® and how to contact Us;

If You have any questions or complaints, please contact Us by sending an e-mail to customer@popitsnack.com.


19.1 It is up to the client to check the condition of the product (quantity, reference, condition features…) for damage, missing items, defects, or other discrepancies, prior to signing for delivery. It is ensured that the goods received are in good condition before being sent.

And defects damaged in transit are not the responsibility of the company.

19.2 The client/customer must report any visible defects or non-conformance of the product within SEVEN (7) business days after delivery.

19.3 For Your claim to be valid, You must:

  • Submit a claim by e-mail to customer@popitsnack.com Your e-mail must include the serial number of Your order and attach a variety of clear photos and videos of the damaged product, including photos and videos of opening the packaging from the time you receive the product to the visible parts of the product. defective without editing or digital processing.
  • You must be able to provide evidence that the claim is true and allow PopIt Snack, the shipper, or another person authorized by them to inspect the item. You must not intervene or allow third parties to intervene.

19.4 If Your claim is accepted, the defective Product will be exchanged, or Your money will be returned if the Product is not available from Our supplier. Returned products must be returned to the sender in perfect condition, in their original packaging, with all accessories. No returns will be accepted without PopIt Snack’s prior approval.

19.5 Transactions with installment facilities cannot be returned or canceled.

19.6 Transactions with credit cards can be returned or canceled according to the applicable bank rate discount.

19.7 Transactions with business capital loans from company partners cannot be returned or canceled.

19.7 Transactions using the PopIt Pay payment method are non-refundable or cancelable.

19.8 Transactions using the PopIt Point payment method cannot be refunded or cancelled.

19.9 Transactions with other digital money payment methods including payment methods using the cryptocurrency digital wallet method cannot be returned or canceled.

20. TAX

The Indonesian Ministry of Finance is set to increase value added tax in Indonesia by 1%, from the previous 10% now to 11% starting from April 1st 2022. While Indonesia is still in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis, albeit – most likely – set to exit the economic recession in the second quarter of 2021 due to the so-called low base effect, and while Indonesian consumers continue to display reluctance to spend (reflected by 16 consecutive months of contracting retail trade on an annual basis), the Indonesian government expressed its intention to raise Indonesia’s Value-Added Tax (VAT, or in Indonesian: Pajak Pertambahan Nilai, abbreviated as PPN).

As Regulated in Law Number 7 of 2021 concerning Harmonization of Tax Regulations (UU HPP).

Based on this, We will adjust the VAT rate to 11% starting April 1, 2022. Some of the points resulting from the increase in VAT rates are as follows:

  • All Invoices and Tax Invoices issued as of April 1, 2022, will apply a VAT rate of 11%.
  • All Invoices issued before April 1, 2022 with a VAT rate of 10% but have not been paid until April 1, 2022 at 00:00:00, will automatically update the VAT rate to 11% and we will resend it to the customer’s email address.

This Policy was published, edited, and announced in accordance with the PopIt Snack’s Privacy Policy on Friday, 01 April 2022.


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