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Payment Policy

I. Introduction

1.1. The following are the payment terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as the “Payment Policy” and/or “Payment Terms) that apply to products purchased and/or through the PopIt Snack website and application including other marketplace accounts that We operate,  (hereinafter referred to as “We”, “Our”, “Us”, “Company“, and/or “PopIt Snack“). When We mention “You” and/or “Your“, We mean PopIt Snack website and application’s user, which includes buying products and services (hereinafter referred to as “ Online Shopping).

By agreeing to this policy, You also agree to the terms, namely all forms of legally binding contracts between the Company and You. You should read the Purchase Policy, Payment Policy, Shipping Policy, and Return Policy carefully before purchasing any product from Online Shopping.

1.2. Based on Gerai Info Bank Indonesia, edition 50, 2014 it is defined that the less cash society is a program that aims to create a new habit for people to transact without cash. There are three advantages of a less cash society . First, non-cash transactions are more efficient because everyone does not need to carry cash everywhere to conduct business transactions. Second, non-cash transactions are relatively inexpensive. Third, non-cash transactions are easier to track in the event of a crime.

1.3. Based on Bank Indonesia Regulation No.18/40/PBI/2016 that the development of technology and information systems continues to give birth to various innovations, especially those related to financial technology (fintech) in order to meet the needs of the community, including in the field of payment system services, both in terms of instruments , organizers, mechanisms, and infrastructure for the implementation of payment transaction processing. The financial technology industry (fintech) is one of the methods of financial services that is gaining popularity in today’s digital era. Technology-based payment systems are one of the most developed sectors in the FinTech industry in Indonesia.

1.4. Based on Law No. 7 of 2011 concerning currency, the legal instrument of payment in Indonesia is cash in Rupiah which is made of paper or metal in the form and conditions specifically determined by the Act. Law No. 7 of 2011 concerning Currency, confirms that currency is money issued by the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia and every transaction that has the purpose of payment, or other obligations that must be fulfilled with money, or other financial transactions carried out in the Territory of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia must using Rupiah. Therefore, the use of virtual currency as a virtual currency is not recognized as a legal tender.

1.5. Based on Bank Indonesia Article 1 point 3 Bank Indonesia Regulation Number 20/6/PBI/2018 Year 2018 concerning Electronic Money (“PBI 20/2018”) which defines Electronic Money (emoney), electronic money is legal tender in Indonesia must meet the following criteria.

1.5.1. Issued on the basis of the value of money that was deposited in advance to the issuer;
1.5.2. The value of money is stored electronically in a media server or chip; and
1.5.3. The value of electronic money managed by the issuer is not a deposit as referred to in the Law that regulates banking.

1.6. Electronic money issued in Indonesia must use the Rupiah currency unit. Transactions using Electronic Money and carried out within the territory of the Republic of Indonesia must use Rupiah.

1.7. Based on Article 34 letter a of Bank Indonesia Regulation (PBI) Number 18/40/PBI/2016/2016 concerning the Implementation of Payment Transaction Processing, it is explained that what is meant by virtual currency is digital money issued by parties other than the monetary authority obtained by mining, purchase, or transfer of gifts (rewards) including Bitcoin, BlackCoin, Dash, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Namecoin, Nxt, Peercoin, Primecoin, Ripple, Ven, and others including cryptocurrencies. What is not included in the definition of virtual currency is electronic money, but is referred to as “Digital Assets.

1.8. The article that regulates the law on electronic transactions or electronic commerce in Indonesia is Article 1 paragraph 1 of Law no. 7 concerning trade and various matters related to the internet, both electronic transactions and the use of information, are regulated by the ITE Law.

1.9. We do not force You to make transactions and all transaction decisions using your Digital Assets are your own decisions and are not influenced by any party, including the use of digital electronic money assets, virtual currencies or cryptocurrencies that you own.

1.10 Definition

1.10.1 Debit card – for payment (ie, tapping/insert physical card on payment terminal). A debit card is a payment card that deducts money directly from a consumer’s bank account when the card is used.

1.10.2 Prepaid e-money cards – issued by financial institutions, financial service providers, or fintech (eg Mandiri e-Money, BCA Flazz, BRI Brizzi, BNI TapCash). A prepaid card is a card with a stored balance that only allows you to spend the balance stored on the card. Prepaid cards issued e.g. Visa, Mastercard.

1.10.3 Digital/electronic wallets – offered by financial institutions, financial service providers, or fintechs (eg GrabPay, FavePay, ShopeePay, etc). A digital wallet is a payment method that securely connects your credit and/or debit card to your digital wallet application. That way, you don’t have to enter card details or use a physical card to make payments. Payment will be made using a digital wallet and funds will be deducted directly from the credit and/or debit card. In addition, you can top up your digital wallet balance through various methods such as debit/credit cards, bank account transfers, ATM transfers, or top up balances through merchants. Payment will be made using a digital wallet and funds will be deducted from the balance stored in the wallet.

1.10.4 Credit Card – non-cash payment instrument using a card issued by a bank. Credit cards can help you make transactions at the beginning and are paid by the bank, but in the end you have to pay the nominal that has been determined by the bank at the beginning of each month to the bank concerned. By using a credit card, the bank will facilitate you to have flexible time in transactions because it can be done online. The thing you have to remember is that using a credit card means that you have agreed to the terms that have been given by the bank.

1.10.5 Wire or bank transfer – a method of electronically transferring funds made through a network provided by banks and other financial institutions in the world. Transferred funds can also be directly taken in cash at the cashier. In the banking world in Indonesia, wire transfer services are also known as remittances or remittances.

1.10.6 QRIS (Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard) – The Indonesian Standard QR Code is a QR code standard developed by Bank Indonesia and the Indonesian Payment System Association which aims to integrate all cashless payment methods in Indonesia.

1.10.7 Prepaid e-money cards – issued by merchants/non-financial institutions (eg Starbucks Card, CGV Card). A prepaid card is a card with a stored balance that only allows you to spend the balance stored on the card. Prepaid cards issued by merchants are usually only accepted at certain merchants and generally don’t bear the logos of major payment networks (eg Visa, Mastercard).

1.11 This Payment Policy fully refers to the payment mechanism on the PopIt Snack Platform using Rupiah as the currency and denomination of legal tender according to the laws in force in the Republic of Indonesia. If you require other additional information related to payment communications in other currencies and bank account information for the company accounts in other countries, you can refer to the information on the PT. Mandiri Tunggal Sejahtera Berkarya’s Bank Account Information.


We support various payment methods, depending on the country where Your payment account is located. In addition to the leading credit and debit cards, certain payment options may also be available in certain countries or with the help of certain platforms. We will display the payment methods available to you on the Payment Methods page before You submit Your Online Shopping application. Once You have selected Your country, all Your payment details will be displayed.

Cash or off-site payments violate the Terms of Service and may result in the relevant user being removed from the PopIt Snack site and app. The company does not allow accepting payments off-site and in the application as this makes it difficult for us to protect Your information and may expose You to a greater risk of fraud and other safety issues.

In Indonesia, PopIt Snack collaborates with financial company partners – FinTech to make it easier for customers to make online shopping transactions by providing practical and easy payment methods. Currently the Company is collaborating with PT. Midtrans Indonesia (Midtrans – GoTo Financial)PT. Kharisma Catur Mandala (Duitku)PT. IONPay Networks (NicePay), and PT. Bank BTPN, Tbk. (Jenius) as a legitimate transaction organizer on the PopIt Snack website and application.

PopIt Snack provides a wide selection of easy payment methods starting with interbank transfers, using virtual accounts, debit cards, credit cards, electronic wallets, and other methods in accordance with legal tenders by the laws of the Republic of Indonesia. All payment methods are valid for up to 3 (three) hours from the time the order is confirmed, except using the GoPay electronic wallet, Shopee Paylater, LinkAja, QRIS, and other QR-Code methods which are limited to 15 (fifteen) minutes. If You do not make a payment within that time, the purchase system will be considered automatically cancelled .

1. Bank Transfer

You can make transfers via online banking or ATMs that match Your bank, or ATM networks such as ALTO, PRIMA and ATM BERSAMA with automatic confirmation.

PopIt Snack® has 4 (four) types of Bank Transfer payments using a Virtual Bank Account that can be selected according to the payment methods of Our partner institutions. Namely:

  • Bank BCA
  • Bank Mandiri Bill Payment
  • Bank BNI
  • Other BRI-VA

2. Debit Card

PopIt Snack has 4 (four) types of Direct Debit payments that can be selected according to the payment methods of our partner institutions. Namely:

  • BCA Klik Pay
  • Octo Klik
  • BNI E-Pay
  • Danamon Online Banking

3. Credit Card

We present a choice of payment methods using a credit card with a guarantee of security and reliability. Our security and encryption systems ensure that Your credit card data remains safe for the convenience of shopping on Our site. You can make payments using a Visa & Master credit card issued by Indonesia or using a JCB and American Express credit card issued by a bank outside Indonesia. Follow these steps to make a payment by credit card:

Enter credit card details in the “Payment Information” section during the check out process

  1. It is possible that You will be asked to do additional verification according to the provisions of the credit card issuing bank;
  2. You will receive an SMS containing a verification code on the phone number registered on the credit card when processing the transaction. If You don’t get the verification code, make sure the phone number registered on Your credit card is correct. You can try sending the verification code again by clicking the “Resend” button;
  3. You may receive an email or phone call informing You that Your order has a “ Credit Card Verification ” status. This means We need some additional data for verification from You before We can proceed with the order process. Please Your willingness to send:

a. Scan / photo of ID card

b. Scan / photo of the front of the credit card (never send the back).

      1. In order to maintain security, please close the digits 7 – 14 according to the example sent via email.
      2. The minimum limit for the total value of transactions using a credit card payment method is IDR 100,000 or an equivalent currency value.

For security of payments with Credit/Debit Cards, there will be 3DS verification (3D Secure) where there will be notifications/sms via Your cellphone, which must be entered at the time of transaction.

4. Installment Without Card

Accept installment payments with Kredivo, Akulaku and Indodana. You can pay according to the credit limit given to You.

5. E-Money

Payment via Other Electronic Wallets issued and authorized by financial institutions in Indonesia, including Jenius, GoPay, OVO, LinkAja, and ShopeePay.

6. Online Payment

Payment via Electronic Wallet with the QRIS method allows You to receive payments from all e-money such as OVO, ShopeePay, DANA, LinkAja, and others issued and authorized by financial institutions in Indonesia.

7. Over The Counter

Cash or card payments can be made at Indomaret, Alfamart, Alfa Midi, and Dan+Dan, Pegadaian, and Post Offices throughout Indonesia.

8. Virtual Currency

Payments in virtual currency using PopIt Pay®, PopIt Point®, and other types of tokens from cryptocurrencies digital wallets that can be linked to Your account as part of Your Digital Assets. The use of PopIt Pay and PopIt Point will still refer to the Rupiah currency, as the function and purpose of PopIt Pay® and PopIt Point® may be a refund of a certain amount of funds (cashback) to customers in the form of electronic money for the purpose of facilitating transactions in the future, which is recorded mutations and can be monitored by the amount available by the user. Meanwhile, the use of digital wallets or other digital assets may not be available to You when You are in the territory of Indonesia in accordance with the regulatory policies of the government of the Republic of Indonesia.


Payment methods are described separately according to the provisions of each transaction organizer/financial partner or on the Payment Methods page .

  • How to pay via Midtrans (PT. Midtrans Indonesia)
  • How to pay through Duitku (PT Kharisma Catur Mandala)
  • How to pay via NicePay (PT IONPay Networks)
  • How to pay through Jenius (PT. Bank BTPN, Tbk.)


  1. If there are one or more provisions in these Payment Terms that have been determined are considered invalid by the competent authorities or the prevailing laws and regulations in Indonesia, then the other provisions available are still considered valid and You remain bound by those provisions.
  2. This includes failed transaction conditions, payment failures, truncated balances, decilines, rejects, and other conditions that cause losses to You when shopping online, through the PopIt Snack site and application, are not the responsibility of the Company. All forms of invalidity and disputes are carried out by You with the transaction provider You have chosen, including the financial provider who cooperates with the transaction organizer.
  3. If a transaction is made using Digital Assets and/or Electronic Money redemption is initiated from your Virtual Currency using Your credentials, We will assume that You authorized the transaction, unless You tell Us otherwise. If You believe You did not authorize a particular transaction or that the transaction was not carried out correctly, You must contact us as soon as possible and at least 1 (one) month after the relevant transaction occurred, either by email for free at or by contacting Our available customer support. It is important that You regularly check Your Virtual Currency balanceand Your transaction history on a regular basis to ensure any unauthorized or incorrect transactions are identified and notified to Us at the earliest possible opportunity. We are not responsible for any claims for unauthorized or erroneous transactions unless You have notified Us in accordance with this section.
  4. ATTENTION Crypto asset trading is a high risk activity. Crypto asset prices are highly volatile, where prices can change significantly from time to time. Please use extra consideration in making decisions to buy or sell crypto assets. PopIt Snack Platform does not force users to buy or sell crypto assets, as an investment, or for profit. All crypto asset trading decisions are independent decisions by the user.


All personal information, such as and payment details that You provide to Us during the order process will be stored and used in accordance with the Privacy Policy which You can see on the PopIt Snack website and application.

This Policy was published, edited, and announced in accordance with the PopIt Snack’s Privacy Policy on Monday, 01 November 2021.

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