Wonderful and authentic Indonesian flavours on your Popcorn bites! Proudly present PopIt Snack® Premium Popcorn Curry Flavour. Indonesian food is one of the most vibrant and colourful cuisines in the world, full of intense flavour. With 6,000 islands, there are many regional specialties. And everyone has their favourite place for traditional Indonesian food. Indonesian cuisine is not just about the food: it is also about the culture and the area the food originates from. Imagine Popcorn with Indonesian curry flavours, with the authentic Indonesian spices and flavours.

The strength of Indonesia’s diversity can be seen on the plates of many places, but more and more places are adding an amazing aesthetic experience along with delicious food. So, we have put together the authentic recipes with popcorn! Yup Popcorn, We know all of you like popcorns. In order to taste authentic Indonesian food you just need to open the seal and taste of the original Indonesian spices, herbs, and flavours on our crunchy popcorn! It’s time to try this authentic taste sensation. Introducing PopIt Snack® Premium Popcorn Series; Kuliner Nusantara.

PopIt Snack® Premium Popcorn; Kuliner Nusantara
(This product is distributed limited)
1. PopIt Snack® Curry Flavour
2. PopIt Snack® Rendang Flavour
3. PopIt Snack® Soto Ayam Flavour
4. PopIt Snack® Rawon Flavour
5. PopIt Snack® Javanese Fried Rice Flavour
6. PopIt Snack® Yellow Rice Flavour
7. PopIt Snack® Ayam Betutu Flavour
8. PopIt Snack® Satay Ayam Flavour

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