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June 2022

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* The date marked in red on the operational calendar above means that the company's operational activities are physically closed.
**Date/Time of the online Promotion Program has no effect on the company's offline activities. Date / Time and Hours of Service on the operational calendar above only affect the company's offline activities, including activities Delivery and Return of Items purchased online.
*** Operational activities of the Company PT. Mandiri Tunggal Sejahtera Berkarya will follow the procedures for handling and preventing COVID-19 in the company's operational area, which can be closed at any time without notification for security in the service of the company's operational activities and is not open to the public.



Also check out the 12 Health Protocols for customers/visitors who visit PopIt Warehouse/ PopCloudKitchen/ PopIt Store/ PT. Mandiri Tunggal Sejahtera Berkarya Company Area

To help the community reduce the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak, especially where the company operates. We will implement health protocols for customers / visitors / visitors who shop at each of our outlets, namely :
  1. All customers/visitors/visitors are required to wear masks. All customers / visitors / visitors will be required to wear masks, at least a cloth mask while in the outlet. The company provides 3 ply sterile masks, if the customer/visitor/visitor does not bring a mask according to our outlet security protocol;
  2. All customers/ visitors/ visitors are required to clean their hands with the hand sanitizer provided before entering the outlet;
  3. Check body temperature before entering. Customers/ visitors/ visitors with body temperature above 37.5 are not allowed to enter the outlet;
  4. Customers/ visitors/ visitors are required to fill in the Tracing Form which can be accessed via an online QR-Code or using a QR-Code connected to the PeduliLindungi Application;
  5. Customers / visitors / visitors with symptoms of COVID-19 / other infectious diseases such as coughs, colds are not allowed to enter the outlet. Officers and the Company's COVID-19 Task Force have the right to refuse customers/visitors/visitors who are deemed to have symptoms and indications of COVID-19;
  6. Customers/ visitors/ visitors under the age of 12 years and above the age of 45 years are advised not to visit our outlets;
  7. Keep your distance and enter your turn or according to the maximum occupancy limit in an area;
  8. Package Couriers (Delivery Man / Online Couriers) and Order takers queue at the signs provided by implementing physical distancing;
  9. It is recommended to use electronic or non-cash payment methods;
  10. It is recommended to make purchases via online (sent by Online Courier or company partner expedition service);
  11. To reduce shopping time at outlets, you can order in advance via our website or application service by selecting the Take Away option at the outlet closest to you, if you plan to visit us at the outlet;
  12. If you choose a Package Courier delivery service (Delivery Man / Online Courier), please clean the package again with a disinfectant when it arrives and keep your distance from the Delivery Courier.

We require the following to be carried out by all of our Worker Staff in accordance with the COVID-19 Prevention and Spread Protocol.

  1. Disinfect all tools that are used in stores regularly with alcohol such as EDC machines and shopping baskets.
  2. Disinfecting products displayed at least 1x every day using alcohol.
  3. Mandatory use of protective equipment such as masks.
  4. Maintain a distance from customers/visitors/visitors/between staff workers.
  5. Take care of each other's personal health.
  6. It is allowed not to come to work and check yourself if you are sick, especially with indicators of COVID-19 symptoms. The spread of the COVID-19 outbreak can be stopped with the cooperation and awareness of the entire population of Indonesia.
Please help PT. Mandiri Tunggal Sejahtera Berkarya and all its service units to protect all our staff and customers, especially customers/visitors/outlet visitors by complying with all health protocols. May we all and our beloved families be protected from this plague and may this plague end quickly. Thank you very much for your attention and cooperation, Stay safe and keep healthy!


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